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My name is Bernard Ferguson, and I'm the Director of Motorsport for Cosworth Ltd. I have decided to take time out from the business of Motor Racing next February to undertake an exciting personal challenge and at the same time raise money for three very worthwhile causes. I’m off to Southern India for 2,500 km of dawn-to-dusk enduro motorcycling, off the beaten track, across Goa, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

A group of us will be riding Royal Enfield Bullet motorbikes, based on the 1950’s British design but still built today in Madras. Our route takes us over the Western Ghat Mountains, desert plains, through protected wildlife reserves and ancient forests. All sponsorship from this trip will go to the Rainbow Trust, the Mother Teresa Charitable Society and the World Wildlife Fund (we ride through some of their Tiger reserves!).

I have paid the direct cost to take part myself so that all money raised through sponsorship will go to the Charities (sponsors won't be paying for me to have a jolly!).

I want to give as much as I can so if you or your organisation would also like to support me please pledge sponsorship online. There are two ways to sponsor me, either donate via paypal or credit card using the buttons on the right, or email me at charitybiker@gmail.com and I'll give you details about how to donate directly. If you want your donation to go to one of the charities in particular please mention that at the time.

I will be paying money into the organisers throughout the year so please don't wait until the last minute to donate.

The Route

This is the route the guys used in 2006. 2007 is planned to be even more demanding.

Seems to be the ideal way for a sedentary 59 year old to spend February!!

Where the money goes

From Rainbow Trust Children's Charity...
"The Rainbow Trust provides practical and emotional support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. To date over £100,000 has been raised by Enduro India. We rely on voluntary donations so the long-term support of this unique and amazing event has made a huge difference to us. "

"We are delighted that Enduroindia has now taken on the challenge to adopt and fund a Rainbow Family Support Worker who will support families in their own homes. Family Support Workers help families to deal with the unimaginable by assisting them with their daily routines and activities. This hands-on practical support includes help with hospital visits, caring for the siblings, undertaking household duties such as shopping and cooking, and in some cases, the funeral arrangements. They also provide a listening and sympathetic ear to all family members."

From WWF...
"Enduro India is a fantastic event that has supported WWF's work in India for the last 4 years. Traditionally most of the bikes Enduro India buys have been donated to our India office for distribution to over 30 different projects that the charity are currently tackling in India."

"The motorbikes enable rangers and conservation officers to challenge the poaching of endangered elephant, leopard and tiger populations in India. We are also using the bikes in less dramatic but just as important areas of work such as deforestation surveys and camera trap setting."

"We have now reached our capacity for bikes and Enduro India are arranging auctions and / or bulk purchases of the bikes to enable WWF to receive a large cash donation at the end of each event instead."

The Mother Theresa Educational and Charitable Society
"The Mother Theresa Educational and Charitable Society eases the suffering of children in the poorest area of Kerala"

"The mission of the Mother Theresa Educational and Charitable Society is to build awareness of issues surrounding HIV in children and to help people of all ages to die with dignity through palliative care and pain relief for the terminally ill."

"The joint aim of the organisation and Enduro India for the next 5 years is to build a sanctuary house, to help and educate 50 children with no parents and no clear plan for the future, many of whom are infected with HIV, a disease now easily controlled with medicine and awareness.
Enduro India also plans to build a respite home for 20 terminally ill adults on the site. The land for the site of the orphanage and respite home is being purchased with monies from Enduro India 2006 and we aim to have one of the buildings part constructed by 2007."

Adapted from http://www.enduroindia.com/enduroindia/charity.htm

The Charities

The Rainbow Trust
Rainbow Trust Children's Charity provides practical and emotional support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.
It supports 1,000 families each year and its two respite houses in Surrey and Northumberland provide a break for the whole family.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
WWF conserves endangered species, protects threatened habitats and addresses global threats. It finds long-term solutions that benefit both people and nature.

The Mother Theresa Society
A charity whose basic aims include ensuring the education of children threatened by increasing poverty and campaigning against the ostracism of children with the HIV virus.


Sometimes reading is dangerous! I signed up to participate in the Enduro India Challenge for a number of reasons.

  • Always wanted to visit India since the hippy days, but my wife is somewhat less keen.
  • Love motorcycles but never have enough time to ride decent distances
  • Have a debt to pay to organisations that help others at time of great emotional need.
  • Finally have a few quid to be able to do it.
  • Too Much reading!!

I have read too many motorcycle travel books from my armchair and it always seemed so interesting, exciting, glamorous and whilst sitting with my feet up it all seemed pretty easy. So now I am commited I have re read all those books and guess what? It all looks a bit difficult.

This is an edited list of the culprits.

The Adventure Motorcycling Handbook - Chris Scott

The definitive handbook for adventure motorcyclists. If you only have one such book, this is the one. Anyone planning to travel somewhere different on a motorbike will find this book really useful. Full of ideas, tips, lists, advice, it's all there. Even if you've never had a go at motorcycle touring before - this book will help. The information about touring in different continents/countries is excellent.

Bitten by the bullet - Steve Krzystyniak

Bitten By The Bullet will be of enormous interest to armchair travellers and devotees of the colourful and dramatic Indian sub-continent, keeping them breathlessly involved until the very last page.

Jupiters Travels - Ted Simon

The original and the best - four years to travel around the world on a Triumph (25 years ago).

Bullet up the Grand Trunk Road - Jonathan Gregson

The Grand Trunk Road stretches 1600 miles, from Calcutta to the North-west frontier. Some 50 years after, it served as an escape route for 15 million refugees, following Independence and Partition, the author travels the road on an Enfield Bullet motorbike.

Running with the Moon - Johnny Bealby

Jonny Bealby was devastated when his fiancee, Melanie, died unexpectedly while they were travelling in Kashmir. Two years later, still heartbroken and utterly disillusioned, he took on the challenge of a lifetime. Setting out with only his motorbike for company, he began a daring and dangerous journey around the African continent.

Long Way Round - Ewan McGregor

Well I guess it had to be here! - More back up than Rommel but hey! the did it. Fair play.